Cressi Dog safety for dogs in the water, life jacket and wetsuit

Cressi Dog – safety for dogs in the water – is an exclusive Cressi line dedicated to our four-legged friends. Two products: the neoprene Wetsuit and the Life Jacket for dogs.

Cressi is a family owned company that has been operating in its final planning since 1946 and is now a world leader in the production of water sports equipment.

The secret of Cressi’s global success can be found in research, innovation and the quality of the materials being used. Originality, user-friendliness and reliability are the hallmarks of Cressi brand around the world.

The Cressi Dog line is built on this heritage of history and evolution, translated into products that are once again unique and original.

The research, design, development and manufacturing of the Cressi Dog line have followed the same steps as those necessary to create items for human bodies.

The same materials. The same attention. The same guarantee: the Cressi brand.

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Discover, buy and test the Cressi Dog line: Life Jackets and neoprene Wetsuits for dogs.



Cressi Dog Wetsuit

This is the neoprene wetsuit for dogs created by Cressi to protect your four-legged friend from the cold and allow him to play safely in the water.

Cressi Dog Wetsuit is designed and manufactured using the same materials as those of the professional equipment that has made the Cressi brand known all over the world.

Cressi Dog Life Jacket

This is the life jacket for dogs designed to improve their floating and maintain the correct swimming position.So they can enjoy the water for a longer time and with less effort!

Cressi Dog Life Jacket is an important support to give your dog safety and peacefulness.